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Friday 18 September 2020

NOTE: These labs require card access. For this, you must email hsstech@kent.ac.uk with your Kent card number after making your booking if you don't have access already.

Please remember that these labs are very heavily used in term time, so try to maximise the time available for yourself and others. As a guideline:

  1. Please do not over-book or block book time in the lab for yourself - please be considerate to others who also need to carry out their testing.
  2. Only book the times that you will actually be USING the lab and leave open times in between that could be used by others,
  3. If you find that you will no longer need the lab, please cancel asap.
  4. Try to limit (where possible) wasted time between slots by booking times from 9am, and back-to-back with other users.​​
  5. Refer to the full lab booking policy for the school here
  6. Please note in your booking description the equipment that you plan to use, a list of which can be found below.

Available lab equipment

  • ICG - MP150
  • ECG - MP150
  • EMG - MP150 & MP35
  • GSR - MP150 & MP35
  • Respiratory Effort - MP150
  • CNAP non-invasive blood pressure - MP150
  • GSR (currently unavailable) - MP35
  • Respiratory Effort - MP35
  • Temperature - MP35
  • Pulse Plethysmograph - MP35
  • Air Flow Transducer - MP35