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Please contact HSS Technical Support for any questions that aren't answered here.

What are the booking guidelines?

Please refer to our booking guidelines and rules here.


What room should I book?

Visiting the main home page will give some guidance on which room to book based on the type of study you are carrying out. If you are still not sure, then please email psychsupport@kent.ac.uk.


How do I login?

Click the login button at the top right of the website, and you will be redirected to log in with your Kent credentials. Once you have correctly logged in, you will be brought back to the Lab booking system with the ability to book labs.


Why can't I delete/alter a meeting?

In order to delete or alter a meeting, you must be logged in as the same person that made the meeting. Contact one of the meeting room administrators or the person who initially made the meeting to have it deleted or changed.


How do I create a meeting?

Clicking on the desired time brings you into the booking screen. Fill in the details and click "Save".

Instead of clicking on the desired time you can select a time range and also a room or day range by dragging the cursor over a group of cells in the day or week views. When the mouse is released you will be taken to the booking screen and the time slots and the room or day range will have been filled in for you.


What is the difference between fifth and last?

When making a monthly recurring booking, the fifth weekday of every month is just that. If a month does not have a fifth weekday then no booking will be made for that month. If you choose the last weekday of the month then a booking will be made on the fourth weekday if there is no fifth weekday.

Fifth last works in a similar way, but counting backwards from the end of the month. Using first will give you the fourth last weekday of the month if there is no fifth last weekday.


How do I delete one instance of a recurring meeting?

Select the day/room/time that you want to delete and select Delete Entry.


How do I schedule rooms at different sites?

You don't. Presently the system cannot book two different rooms simultaneously. You must schedule each one separately. Make sure that the time you want is available at both sites before making a booking.


My meeting failed to be created because of too many entries!

No meeting can create more than 365 entries. There needs to be some limit on the number of meetings created. This number can be increased if necessary.


What happens if multiple people schedule the same meeting?

The short answer is: The first person to click on the Submit button wins. Behind the scenes, the system is using a proper multi-user, multi-threaded relational database than can handle many thousands of simultaneous users.


What is the difference between Internal and External?

By default, MRBS defines two meeting types. Internal means that the meeting will only be attended by employees. An External meeting might also be attended by customers, vendors, investors, etc. Your site can define up to a total of 10 meeting types, according to your needs. Meetings are highlighted in the main calendar view with a color corresponding to their type, and a color key of all defined types is shown at the bottom of the main calendar view.